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Spring in Duke Forest Still working on the macro photography. Daily Post - Out of this World 

Premonition: Chapter Three

Premonition Chapter 3 - Dim THE LIGHT BULB shined a dim light down the stairwell, unable to pierce the thick black veil at the bottom. Whether it was a weak bulb or if the darkness was simply that dark, Allison couldn't say. All she knew was that she wasn't going down there. It's always dark... Continue Reading →

Premonition: Chapter Two

Author's Note: It's happened. I've been whopped upside the head by a story. Yesterday's Daily Prompt - Premonition - has led me to Allison, Randy, and the Talbot House. Bad things happen at the Talbot House, but house flipper Randy is convinced he can restore the 19th century mansion to its former glory. After a... Continue Reading →


Premonition Chapter 1 ALLISON TOOK ONE look at the house and shuddered. Randy had insisted on seeing this monstrosity, despite its isolated location and state of disrepair. "This is a beauty," the real estate agent was saying, "built in 1885 by John Talbot for his bride Sophie... oh, it says here that she died on... Continue Reading →

Share Your World

What am I reading right now? The Gone World. Just started it, so I can't say much about it, other than crucifixions. Yeah. You read that right. Crucifixions.       What was my first adult job? I was a stewardess. I flew the friendly skies and was something special in the air, doing what... Continue Reading →

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