What am I reading right now?

Gone World

The Gone World. Just started it, so I can’t say much about it, other than crucifixions. Yeah. You read that right. Crucifixions.




What was my first adult job?

I was a stewardess. I flew the friendly skies and was something special in the air, doing what I did best. Then I went back to school and now I’m me.


What’s my favorite breakfast cereal?

Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero. I hate breakfast cereal.  I’m more of a toast kind of girl.



What did I appreciate or made me smile this week?

SPRING!! Everything is budding here. The tulips, the magnolias, the daffodils, and whatever this tree is I took a picture of… it is so, so beautiful right now! Well, not today so much because it’s raining… it’s the flowers! The flowers are beautiful!

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Share Your World Challenge - February 26, 2018

Self-published on Amazon. Have some content on Wattpad. Sometimes I'm on Twitter. I have a Facebook page. I like to write short stories. I can be snarky. You can find me preparing the garden for winter.

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