Good news. I found Spring. Here you go. All pictures are from the Mordecai House Gardens in downtown Raleigh. The Mordecai House was once the largest plantation in Wake County (a.k.a. Raleigh). Interestingly, it's also reported to be the oldest house in Raleigh on its original foundations. I thought that was Haywood Hall... the point … Continue reading Found


THE OLD WOMAN sniffed, then nodded smugly. "Ah. You’re on a quest." "A Fairy Tale princess on a quest?" the second asked, blinking her empty eye sockets futilely. "That's...rare. Isn't it the princes who quest?" "It is unusual," the first woman conceded. "Girl. Why do you quest?" "I'm not questing," Violet replied. "I'm visiting my … Continue reading Warning


“And what does anyone know about traitors, or why Judas did what he did?” ― Jean Rhys, Wide Sargasso Sea Daily Prompt - Betrayal


I'M GOING THROUGH a phase. I have a need to write ghost stories.  I have no idea why. At heart, I'm a romantic suspense writer. I like a good HEA. (That's happily ever after for non-romance writers). The thing is, I don't particularly like ghost stories. Why? Lots of reasons. I have a tendency to … Continue reading Haunted


Her eyes always had a frantic, lost look. He could never cure her eyes of that. - Charles Bukowski Daily Prompt - Frantic