MY FAVORITE STEPHEN King book used to be The Talisman. When I told people that, I always got this skeptical look. Yes, there were better Stephen King books. Yes, I’ve read them. But there’s a big difference between best and favorite. My favorite was The Talisman

I liked it because I like co-author Peter Straub. I liked the concept of parallel dimensions (which is why I annually binge watch Fringe and am now obsessed with Counterpart). I liked the Queen of the B’s and the character Traveling Jack. I liked it because I was in college, and on my own, and it was the first Stephen King book I read. (Reading Stephen King/Peter Straub was verboten in my fundamentalist household). I was too wimpy to read Carrie and too much of a dog lover to read Cujo. Eventually, I eased myself into ‘Salem’s Lot, which is very, very good, but not my favorite.

The Stand was my second favorite Stephen King book. I had the worst case of the flu when I read that the first time. Don’t read The Stand if you have the flu.

I also remember liking Needful Things, but that’s because my family has an antique store.

It’s been a while since I’ve read The Talisman, and I’ve since learned that it had homophobic themes. See https://www.barnesandnoble.com/blog/every-single-stephen-king-book-ranked/.  I hadn’t picked up the homophobic themes when I read it years ago. I’m not sure if that means I shouldn’t like it anymore.

I may have to re-read The Talisman to see if what I thought years ago is how I feel today. Tastes change, and maybe mine has. All I know is that The Talisman was once my favorite Stephen King book. Whether it remains so is yet to be determined.


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