“TA – DAH! WHAT do you think?” Adam beamed proudly. “Beautiful, right?”

Mandy stared at it. “It’s a mobile home.”

“It’s a micro dwelling,” he corrected. “It’s small, sure, but you need to see the inside. There’s copper fixtures, granite counter tops, a loft, and a sun roof.” He grinned at her, his excitement too much to contain. “Plus, we can live by the lake in the summer and move it to your parent’s farm in the fall.”

Mandy pointed at the wheels. “Look. It’s on wheels. That’s a mobile home.”

Adam’s face fell. “Why are you being so negative? I thought you wanted to live in a tiny house.”

“I said I’d think about it.” Mandy rubbed her forehead. It was just like Adam to hear maybe as a yes. “I mean, come on, Adam. Where are we going to put our clothes?”

“There’s a tiny closet… and drawers that double as steps to the loft.” He shrugged, all nonchalant. “You’ve been wanting to downsize for a while. Keep what we need and get rid of the rest.”

“I need my suits, Adam – ”

“But how many suits do you need?” He yanked her next to him and kissed her temple. “C’mon, Mandy. You’re going to love it. You’ll see.” He took her hand and pulled her towards it. “Let’s take a look inside. You’ll love it. I promise.”

Mandy’s feet remained firmly planted. “Adam… I think we need to talk.”

Image from Baluchon
Daily Prompt - Micro