I got a thing about sunsets. They amaze me.

I have an idea for a sunrise image, but it requires me to get up before the sun, and there’s only so much I’m willing to sacrifice for art.

Sunset 1

Daily Post - Rise/Set

4 thoughts on “Rise/Set

    1. Thanks! It’s a sunset. Actually the image I really would like to catch is a sunrise over Raleigh from the Dorthea Dix park. I’m not a morning person, though, so it’s not likely to happen in the near future.


      1. Someone once showed me a picture and asked, is it a sunrise or sunset and I thought about it. Truly, you wouldn’t know unless you were standing there or knew the place and which direction you were facing. lol@ not being a morning person. I’m both. Sometimes getting up at 4 and others up until 4 roflmao depends on the day haha still, loved the photo.

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