THE OLD WOMAN sniffed, then nodded smugly. “Ah. You’re on a quest.”

“A Fairy Tale princess on a quest?” the second asked, blinking her empty eye sockets futilely. “That’s…rare. Isn’t it the princes who quest?”

“It is unusual,” the first woman conceded. “Girl. Why do you quest?”

“I’m not questing,” Violet replied. “I’m visiting my friend Helen.”

“Oh, to have the eye,” the third grumbled. “I would look upon the princess who quests.”

“Quit whining about the eye, sister,” the first griped. “I need no eye to know that this is Violet Blue, the youngest sister of the great Rose Red and the greater Snow White.”

“Ah, yes, Violet Blue!” The second waved a gnarled finger in her direction. “She who quests but does not quest shall find that which she does not seek.”

“The question that drives her is one that deceives her,” the third one added. “She who seeks a golden future will find herself in golden chains.”

The first nodded sagely. “Even now he has his eyes on her. In the darkness, he prowls, watching and waiting.”

The second one shook her head sadly. “For the lamb has left the safety of its fold. Why do they always do that? Poor thing. Poor, poor thing.” She turned to the first one. “Are there any fruit rollups left?”

-Violet Blue

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