Requiem: Angels Wear the Best Sweaters

Okay, so I binged Requiem on Netflix. Here’s a review.

I’m not sure what it’s about… something about Wales, and disappearing kids, and angels, but I wasn’t paying attention because whoever styled the main character is a GENIUS.

We first meet her wearing this awesome fisherman’s sweater with a to-die-for topper, leggings, and high tops. Combine that with her retro Jennifer Aniston from Friends -esque hair and heavy bangs… I mean, fringe… and I’m, like, where’s my laptop. I need that sweater. Stat.

Requiem 10
I know. It’s pixilated. Ignore that and look at the sweater/topper combo. Perfection.

Next, something happens, and she’s wearing this silver flowy gown, and I’m all, where did she get that gown? I start Googling. Silver. Flowy. Gown.

Requiem 6
It’s flowy, light, and perfect for chasing after your mother who showed up at your stage door acting all wonky.

Then her mom goes and kills herself, and she GETS BLOOD ALL OVER THAT GOWN, and I’m all, oh hell to the no, because that gown is freaking amazeballs, and then something else happens, I don’t know because I was on TopShop looking for that fisherman’s sweater, when I look up and she’s somewhere in Wales, I think, and she’s got on this powder blue cashmere coat, a silky Hermes-esque shirt, and grey leggings. I guess it’s not cold enough in Wales for a sweater, but who cares, because THAT COAT.

Requiem 1
They’re either looking for someone, or they’re trying to find out where she got that blouse.

Then there’s something else, there’s like this manor house, and she’s like, I’m a missing girl, and they’re all, no, you’re not, and then she wears this champagne ribbed tunnel neck sweater and I’m all, wait, I’m still looking for the fisherman sweater.

Requiem 3
Yes, you do look awesome in that sweater, but so would I.

Then there’s some more stuff. People are all, go away, and she’s all, no, and there’s this guy who’s all, I’ll find out if you’re the lost kid, and we’re all, no, don’t do it because you know that means you’re gonna die, and then she does something, I don’t know what because I’m looking at the Boden website for that freaking fisherman’s sweater, when she GETS BLOOD ALL OVER THAT CASHMERE POWDER BLUE COAT. I fall off the couch because NOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

But then the next scene the coat’s all back to normal, so maybe she had two coats, and that’s okay, because that coat. That. Coat.

Requiem 4
“Miss, you’re under arrest for being too well dressed for this series.”

Then, towards the end of the series, she stops wearing sweaters, I don’t know why, and goes for this buttoned up man’s shirt that completely works with her coat. I’m all, why can’t I wear my shirts to match my coats? Why? Why? Why?

Requiem 7
“Only I have the power to match my shirts to my coats.”

Then there’s this whole thing where it’s, like, a coven or whatnot, and they lock her in a cave without LETTING HER TAKE OFF HER COAT, I MEAN, FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING THAT’S GOOD IN LIFE DON’T TRASH THE COAT… but then the cops come and they save her and the boy (I don’t know, some kid was there, whatev), and then she’s all back in London, WEARING THE ICELANDIC TOPPER FROM THE BEGINNING and her eyes go all funky, because even ARCHANGELS KNOW STYLE WHEN THEY SEE IT.

Requiem 8
“Yeah. I look good. Even the tacky – yet way symbolic necklace – looks good.”

And that’s my review of Requiem. The end.

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    1. That sweater combo with the leggings and the topper… I’m obsessed. Couldn’t tell you what the show was about, but the clothes were amazing.


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