I’ve been writing a book for three years now.

The first draft is finished. It’s horrible. It’s a first draft, so it’s horrible.

I had it up on Wattpad for a time. People liked it enough there, but it’s easy to like something when it’s free.

What does my book need? Revision. Reworking. An editor.  A better idea. A better plot. A better storyline. A better author.

I can’t afford an editor right now, so I’m trying to revise it on my own. I get some of what it’s missing. I know the story arc is off. I know the crisis isn’t that compelling. I use way too many adverbs. I got a thing with the adverbs, that I know.

But the thing is, I’m just not into it anymore. It’s sunny outside. I suck at querying. I’m not inspired. I’ve lost the ending.

Writers write.

I keep thinking I should start over. Toss the whole thing and come up with a new idea. The thing is, it’s a beach book. It’s a silly, stupid romancey thing. It’s not the great American novel, for God’s sake. How much energy should you commit to a work that, even in its finest form, is only a beach read?

Writers write.


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