Late Sunday Night Musings

Greetings, Dear Bloggers!

The winsome Tales from the Mind of Kristian has nominated me for a Mystery Blogger Award! Although I’m not an award kind of girl (participation trophies for everyone!), I do appreciate the nomination… and the questions. More questions!

*rubs hands together and cackles*

Sock ’em to me, Kristian!

1. What has been the most unexpected result of blogging for you?

Hmm. I’ve been doing this blogging thing on and off for several years now… I have to say, this time, it’s been unexpectedly fun. Usually, I have to schedule myself to post… and then, it’s a chore… but this time, I’m all… whee! let’s go add to the useless discourse of the unknowable internet!


2. When they set up a new city on Mars would you choose to stay on Earth or move to Mars?

Oh, I’m staying here. Somebody’s gotta clean up afterward.


3. Ideally would you prefer to live in a city or in the country, or in the Suburbs?

You know, I’ve actually been fortunate enough to live in all three. I’d have to say, where I live now. Raleigh is an awesome… but not huge… city. It’s city, it’s country, it’s suburbs, it’s a blend of all three!


4. What was the last book you picked up?

I’ve been re-reading the Arcana Chronicles by Kresley Cole. They fascinate me. Technically, Cole is an erotic romance writer, but this series is YA… and yet, it’s still gloriously smutty. I get a kick out of how the main character is trying to survive the catastrophic end of life on this planet while struggling with whether she loves smokin’ hot but seriously f*ed Cajun bad boy Jack, or smokin’ hot Russian guy who’s also Death incarnate. STOP JUDGING ME.

Poison Princess

5. What would you say your least attractive personality trait is?

I’m ditzy as f*ck.





5 thoughts on “Late Sunday Night Musings

    1. I’ve had friends visit Nashville and say the same thing. One of these days I’d like to visit.

      And the ditziness trait is endearing until you’re on a road trip and you lose your keys inside the car. Not lock the keys inside the car. I mean you’re waiting for your SO to come back from the loo and you’re dozing and he comes back and he’s like, where’s the keys, and you’re like, I don’t know, I was just sitting here, and he’s like, they aren’t in the ignition, and you’re like, I don’t know, and you have to unpack the car to find the keys that you did take out of the ignition but fell between the seats because you were sleepy and didn’t remember doing it until you find the keys an hour later.

      Then it’s not attractive. Not at all.

      I’m not saying this happened. Because if it did, it would be highly embarrassing.

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