Omega House

Happy Saturday, Everyone!

Check it out… my awesome story, Omega House, is now up on Rejected Manuscripts! The good people on Rejected Manuscripts take your rejected stories (with word counts of less than 1500) and publish them on their website. There’s a vote thing going on, too. Apparently, the most popular will make it into an anthology, so I’m not asking you to vote, but if you like it… *blushes, looks down at carpet*

Anyhoo, you can find it at Rejected Manuscripts, Omega House.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.



4 thoughts on “Omega House

    1. Why, thank you!

      I wrote it on a whim; there was this contest about horror stories and pizza. I didn’t make the cut ( or should I say sauce? Maybe cheese?), but they were kind enough to publish it on rejected manuscripts.

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