Who’s Bike is That?

“WHO’S BIKE IS that out front?”

Amelia stifled a yawn and wandered over to the window. “What was that?”

“That bike. Right there.” Her coworker Molly pointed at an abandoned bike. “See it? Lying there in the middle the sidewalk.”

Molly had the strongest Long Island accent. Before she came to work here, Amelia thought Long Island accents were fictional. Who would want to speak that way? Then Molly arrived, and Amelia found out it was a thing.

Boggles the mind, really.  Amelia forced a smile. Molly’s personality was as harsh as her accent. “I think it belongs to the city.” When Molly looked blank, she added, “It’s a bike share. You can rent a bike here.”

“I know what a bike share is,” Molly snapped, offense written all over her face. “New York invented bike sharing, you know. What I meant was, who rented it?”

“Oh.” Amelia frowned. “I have no idea.”

Molly shot her a dirty look and crossed her arms. “Whoever it is, it’s rude to leave it lying there, on the sidewalk. Somebody could trip.”

Amelia rolled her eyes and headed back to her office. Maybe she could Netflix until it was time to go home.


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Weekend Writing Prompt #11