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I interrupt our regularly scheduled programming for a brief announcement.

I’ve reached a milestone! Two hundred and three blog posts. Whoo-Hoo! That’s a lot. I may need to sit down for a moment.

Bogart Hot

Also, it’s now time for me to re-establish that I actually have a book for sale on Amazon. If you’ve enjoyed my posts, then you might like the book. It’s called Violet Blue and it’s out now.

There’s even a video:



Thank you to everyone who’s popped in, commented, and read my weird little stories. I sincerely appreciate it… and I look forward to 203 more posts.

*cracks fingers

Now, back to writing!

Writing two.gif

11 thoughts on “203 Blog Posts

      1. Funnily enough I’ve been making lemon curd and chocolate chip with walnut cookies this afternoon! Shortbread tomorrow and Thursday is scheduled for Chocolate and caramel! I’ll be heading to GA and NC to see the kids next week so I’m baking ahead as I’m not allowed to show up without baked goods!

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  1. Ha ha ha ha ha! Oh my gosh, I just searched your title on Amazon without adding your name and immediately began blushing when dozens of books of erotica turned up by an author named Violet Blue! Were you aware of that author?

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      1. I appreciate it.
        Out of everything I’ve ever written, Violet Blue is my favorite – if you’re allowed to have a favorite. 🙂

        There’s a backstory to it, too. It’s actually a contest book. The premise is a forgotten honeymoon. The characters are supposed to meet certain fictional or historical characters. Then they’re dropped in different circumstances or different eras. It was so much fun to write.

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