I interrupt our regularly scheduled programming for a brief announcement.

I’ve reached a milestone! Two hundred and three blog posts. Whoo-Hoo! That’s a lot. I may need to sit down for a moment.

Bogart Hot

Also, it’s now time for me to re-establish that I actually have a book for sale on Amazon. If you’ve enjoyed my posts, then you might like the book. It’s called Violet Blue and it’s out now.

There’s even a video:



Thank you to everyone who’s popped in, commented, and read my weird little stories. I sincerely appreciate it… and I look forward to 203 more posts.

*cracks fingers

Now, back to writing!

Writing two.gif

Self-published on Amazon. Have some content on Wattpad. Sometimes I'm on Twitter. I have a Facebook page. I like to write short stories. I can be snarky. You can find me preparing the garden for winter.

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