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What is the most ironic thing you’ve ever witnessed?

Hmm. Ever witnessed? I might have to press pause on that, given how ironic everything is right now.  I predict that historians are going to call this period of time THE AGE OF IRONY.

That being said, Mitch McConnell’s cry for bipartisanship is possibly the most ironic thing I’ve ever seen (so far).

McConnell 1

And yet…

McConnell more than any other person is responsible for the destruction of bipartisan norms. He exerted unprecedented obstruction of President Obama’s legislation and nominees, crucially including Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland who never even received a hearing from McConnell’s Senate. McConnell enabled Russian interference in the 2016 election to help Donald Trump by threatening to deny it and call it a presidential abuse of power if Obama-era law enforcement agencies exposed the plot. And now, of course, McConnell has made himself responsible for a mockery of a Supreme Court confirmation process, abusing his power to hide and limit evidence and testimony about Brett Kavanaugh’s alleged sexual abuses and blatant perjury.”

Washington Monthly, October 6, 2018


“Former Vice President Joe Biden says he and President Barack Obama decided not to speak out publicly on Russian interference during the 2016 campaign after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell refused to sign a bipartisan statement condemning the Kremlin’s role.”

NPR, January 24, 2018


“Before the health care fight, before the economic stimulus package, before President Obama even took office, Senator Mitch McConnell, the Republican minority leader, had a strategy for his party: use his extensive knowledge of Senate procedure to slow things down, take advantage of the difficulties Democrats would have in governing and deny Democrats any Republican support on big legislation.”

New York Times, March 16, 2010


Let’s talk turkey.  Pro or con?   If pro, which part do you enjoy most?  Is it for Thanksgiving (American Style any way) only?

I like it fine… just as long as I’m not the one cooking it. Generally, I eat it only as lunch meat. The one time I eat it fresh is Thanksgiving.  White meat, dark meat, it’s all the same to me!


Will somebody carve this thing already?

If you’d like, share one thing you wish you’d said to someone else, but now you’ll never have the chance.

“I’m sorry, I thought you sold to the public. Who’s your manager?”

Years ago, I lived in downtown Chicago, not far from the Water Tower, on the Gold Coast. It was almost Christmas, and I was out contributing to the economy, physically buying Christmas presents because this was way before online shopping.

I was on my way home when I realized I’d forgotten to buy my mother’s favorite perfume. Faced with the choice of heading back to Michigan Avenue or buying from Barneys, I chose Barneys. Barneys was a little upscale for my tastes (I have been, and always will be, an Old Navy/Gap sprinkled with Banana Republic kind of girl), but I wasn’t about to re-trace my steps. It was cold and spitting snow. I was hungry, exhausted, and it was getting dark. (The time change in Chicago makes it dark around 4:30 pm; I don’t miss that). Loaded down with packages, I darted inside.

Lucky for me, my mother’s perfume was on a display towards in front of the store. I picked up a box and headed towards the nearest counter when a saleswoman appeared out of nowhere, grabbed the box from my hand, and returned it to the display.

“I was buying that!” I exclaimed.

She literally looked down her nose and me and smirked. “Hmm… it’s very expensive.”

I remember her sneer, her blonde helmet hair, and the contempt oozing from her pores. For some reason, every time I see Betsy DeVos I think of her.

I ended up leaving, humiliated out of my mind.

Petty story, I know, and it could have been much worse. I imagine this kind of thing happens to people all the time. I still don’t get it, though. After all, money is money.

Guess mine wasn’t good enough.


Beware of old blonde saleswomen.

What odd smell do you really enjoy?

Mothballs. I have no idea why.


Larvae killing goodness in a box.

Thankful November….share a story or time when someone did something really great for you.  Alternatively,  share your gratitude moments during this past week.

I’m grateful to everyone who worked the polls this election. Thank you for your service.


Image from The Verge.

Share Your World - November 12, 2018




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