I started writing on Wattpad. For those who are unfamiliar, Wattpad is a social media site for writers. It’s YA focused, and requires a username/password to use. It used to be free, but times have changed. Now there’s a free side and a paywalled side.

My work is on the free side.

I first posted on WP in 2015. I had some minor success. Mostly I learned that writing is hard work, and that I really needed to take a few classes on plotting and character development. The classes were few and far between, mainly because I just couldn’t commit to a MFA program, but I have read a lot of books on the topic.

So, I popped in the other day to check on my author page. I keep meaning to delete it. I figure I’ve gotten enough out of the old WP.

Except, check it out:

BTW, that's my cover. I love me some photoshop.

861,000 views? What the Watt? I’m both surprised and flattered.

In the end, I figured I’d keep the page up and start re-writing this puppy. I’m dealing with content fatigue, my creativity levels are low to nil, and it’s kind of fun to see if I can actually make one of those beat sheet thingys work for me.

I’ll be moving content over here soon. Old FlyGirl notes and whatnot. It’s almost Spring. Time to do some cleaning.

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FlyGirl 2.0: The Wattpad Edition

Liz Charnes on Wattpad

Self-published on Amazon. Have some content on Wattpad. Sometimes I'm on Twitter. I have a Facebook page. I like to write short stories. I can be snarky. You can find me preparing the garden for winter.

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