I’ve got a book out. Violet Blue: A Fairy Tale. When I say “fairy tale” I mean the grown up kind… maybe like a cross between Princess Bride and a little of that Twilight girl’s Snow White. You can buy it on Amazon. I recommend it. It’s got princesses, wolves, princes, and fairies. It also has a minty fresh smell. Okay, maybe it doesn’t have that, but it does have a pretty cover.


My other book is FlyGirl. It’s on Wattpad. That one you can read for free by clicking here.

FlyGirl Alone 2

Bookstore Sign Photo by César Viteri on Unsplash.


Self-published on Amazon. Have some content on Wattpad. Sometimes I'm on Twitter. I have a Facebook page. I like to write short stories. I can be snarky. You can find me preparing the garden for winter.

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