Mysterious Me

The lovely and beguiling RayNotBradbury has a new challenge out this week. I found ‘Mysterious Me’ to be the most compelling. You woke up on the street with the lost memory (amnesia). What would you do? _____ * _____ * _____ * _____ * _____ MY HEAD HURTS. It's a dull, pounding kind of pain. I touch … Continue reading Mysterious Me


"THEY'RE VERY HIGH." The woman looks at the shoe's heel, unable to hide her delight. "Very high." Considering she's not the one who's buying them, it doesn't matter what she thinks. Still, he has to play the game. "Would you like to try the other?" he asks, offering her the shoe's mate. It's an expensive … Continue reading Shoes

Digital Divide

LIBRARIAN LIZ IS IN THE HOUSE YESTERDAY, FORBES AUTHOR Panos Mourdoukoutas wrote an article dismissing the importance of libraries. He suggested using Amazon, Netflix, and Starbucks instead. Okay, there's so much wrong with that. I, along with everyone in my profession, took some serious umbrage. You might have read some tweets about it.  The thing that … Continue reading Digital Divide