Here's my unlikely. Several years ago, I was a footloose and fancy free flight attendant. Then one day I woke up and said, "I think I'll go to law school." I got a lot of eye rolls, a lot of sneered questions asking why, and a lot of condescending B.S. Despite all of that, I … Continue reading Unlikely


*walks up to microphone, taps it, cringes at feedback.*  Hello? Is this thing on? *clears throat, pulls out sheet of paper* Today's blog post is on the magnificent Mountain Cur. Mountain Curs are a breed of hound dog bred for hunting, but they can also be a great all-purpose farm dog. They're known for being … Continue reading Cur


HOW MUCH LONGER was this going to last? Rosalyn bent her knees and winced at the loud pop they made. One of the ladies-in-waiting shot her a dirty look. Rosalyn glared back. Ladies-in-waiting always think they're better than. Whatever.  "And lo, we bestow unto you, the title Regent of the Forest, Keeper of All That … Continue reading Bestow


"... AND THAT'S WHY LIBRARIES are more important than ever." The librarian glanced out at the audience. "Any questions?" There was a general rustling of people getting ready to leave. Hers was the last talk of the conference, and it had been a long conference. Andy raised his hand. "But isn't Google the Library of … Continue reading Vague