THE OLD WOMAN sniffed, then nodded smugly. "Ah. You’re on a quest." "A Fairy Tale princess on a quest?" the second asked, blinking her empty eye sockets futilely. "That's...rare. Isn't it the princes who quest?" "It is unusual," the first woman conceded. "Girl. Why do you quest?" "I'm not questing," Violet replied. "I'm visiting my... Continue Reading →

100 Posts

According to the Stats Master, I've written a hundred posts on my shiny new blog! Who knew I had that much to say? BTW, if you like my odd... and hopefully amusing... way of looking at the world, may I suggest you take a looksie at my book, Violet Blue? It's a fairy tale-ish story... Continue Reading →

The Importance of a Cover

If you haven't guessed, I'm an indy author with one small book out on Amazon. It took me a while to decide to make the leap. Fortunately, Betsy DeVos urged me on when she upped my student loans. So here I am. Throwing my hat in the ring. Manuscript? Check Book Cover? Check Fear of... Continue Reading →

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