Sharing My World – August 13, 2018

My short story, We Are All Stardust, took up so much time that I got behind on my favorite weekly posts and challenges. These questions are from August 13. A class you wish you would have taken? Fiction writing. It's not too late. I plan on taking a class on fiction writing someday. Time and... Continue Reading →

Ça, c’est très français.

THE WAITER CAME over the moment she sat down. "Bonsoir, madamoiselle." He assisted with her chair and napkin. "Voulez-vous boire quelque chose?" She wished he could give her a minute to settle. It took courage for a single young woman to eat out alone in Paris. "Oui... une tasse d'eau, si'l vous plait, san gas."... Continue Reading →

203 Blog Posts

I interrupt our regularly scheduled programming for a brief announcement. I've reached a milestone! Two hundred and three blog posts. Whoo-Hoo! That's a lot. I may need to sit down for a moment. Also, it's now time for me to re-establish that I actually have a book for sale on Amazon. If you've enjoyed my... Continue Reading →


Okay, so I'm writing this post about Cliffhangers because I hate them. I get it. They're a tried and true plot devise to keep people coming back and whatever. If you're trying to build interest in a new series, or gain readers, cliffhangers are a way to do it. I have even been known to... Continue Reading →

On the Train

"I WIN AGAIN!" Ruby pushed her hair off her face and yawned. Exhaustion ringed her eyes in dark circles. "You suck at this, Micah." "I do." Micah hid a smile. He had to let her win; if he didn't, she'd throw a fit. It was hard enough travelling unaccompanied, harder still when escorting a petulant... Continue Reading →

Digital Divide

LIBRARIAN LIZ IS IN THE HOUSE YESTERDAY, FORBES AUTHOR Panos Mourdoukoutas wrote an article dismissing the importance of libraries. He suggested using Amazon, Netflix, and Starbucks instead. Okay, there's so much wrong with that. I, along with everyone in my profession, took some serious umbrage. You might have read some tweets about it.  The thing that... Continue Reading →

Quoth The Raven

Here's a true story. One of the things I did in Baltimore was visit Edgar Allen Poe's grave. Mr. Poe is resting in downtown Baltimore's Westminster Burying Grounds and Crypt. If you're in Baltimore, stop on by for a visit. Besides Poe, there are a lot of dead people buried here.  There's also a crypt.... Continue Reading →


"SO WHAT DO you think about it?" Lizzie sits across from me, so excited she can barely sit still. I plaster on a smile and set her manuscript on the table between us. That was the problem with Lizzie; she believed in her work when a wiser person wouldn't. This was going to be rough.... Continue Reading →

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