The Lost I-Land: A Review

Do algorithms troll? Is the I-Land supposed to be a remake of Lost? Why does Kate from Blue Crush wear a buttoned up shirt on a beach? So many questions.

3TC: September 15, 2018

24 HOURS AND COUNTING "I DON'T KNOW." Julia gave her husband a doubtful look. "I don't think we need a tent." "Why wouldn't we need a tent? It's better to be safe than sorry." Her husband wore that pinched look he got every time he was stressed. "We might be roughing it for a few... Continue Reading →


Okay, so I'm writing this post about Cliffhangers because I hate them. I get it. They're a tried and true plot devise to keep people coming back and whatever. If you're trying to build interest in a new series, or gain readers, cliffhangers are a way to do it. I have even been known to... Continue Reading →

Sharing My World – July 9, 2018

What would you name the autobiography of your life? The Inconvenient Miss Charnes Which do you prefer sweet, salty or buttery? When I was younger, it was salty; now, it's sweet. Buttery, not so much. Depends on the food, I guess. What’s the finest education? Books. What did you appreciate or what made you smile... Continue Reading →


Veronica walked into the room carrying a stack of dresses. "What do you think? Anything worth bedizening?" Betty stared at her, then marched over to the bookcase and pulled down the latest edition of Merriam-Webster's Unabridged English Dictionary. "Bedizening? Omigod. Who says bedizening? I can't... I can't even. Bedizening. Bed. I. Zen. Ing. Whatever. What...... Continue Reading →

A little FanFic

Every now and then I read a book, and I'm like, no, no, no. You missed it, author. It may seem like a criticism, but it's actually a compliment. It only happens for those books I like enough to get really into the story. Today's no, no no belongs to Holly Black's The Cruel Prince.... Continue Reading →

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