THE TWO CABINET secretaries sat next to each other, waiting for the president to call them into the Oval Office. "Can you believe this shitshow?" the one on the left whispered, glancing at his phone and wincing. "The poll numbers are hitting an all time low." "Don't tell him," hissed his companion. "One of the... Continue Reading →

Sharing My World – June 18, 2018

You can have an unlimited supply of one thing for the rest of your life, what is it? Sushi? Scotch Tape? Laundry detergent, but only so that it changes as technology changes. Teleportation or flying? Okay, so how safe are we talking here, teleportation-wise? Because you know every now and then the Enterprise's teleportation thingamajiggy... Continue Reading →

High Rise

There's a high rise going up down the street from me. After watching its construction, I've decided that I will not be a high rise construction worker. Nope. Not for me.

Late Sunday Night Musings

Greetings, Dear Bloggers! The winsome Tales from the Mind of Kristian has nominated me for a Mystery Blogger Award! Although I'm not an award kind of girl (participation trophies for everyone!), I do appreciate the nomination... and the questions. More questions! *rubs hands together and cackles* Sock 'em to me, Kristian! 1. What has been... Continue Reading →


*walks up to microphone, taps it, cringes at feedback.*  Hello? Is this thing on? *clears throat, pulls out sheet of paper* Today's blog post is on the magnificent Mountain Cur. Mountain Curs are a breed of hound dog bred for hunting, but they can also be a great all-purpose farm dog. They're known for being... Continue Reading →

It’s Tuesday.

Awards, schmards. I'm not into them. But what I am into is weird questions I wouldn't normally be asked on a Tuesday.  So thank you to the lovely and talented Matthew Estes for nominating me for the Normal Happenings Super Specific Sunshine Award. To win, I'm supposed answer the questions below. I don't really care about... Continue Reading →

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