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WRITERS WRITE I've been writing a book for three years now. The first draft is finished. It's horrible. It's a first draft, so it's horrible. I had it up on Wattpad for a time. People liked it enough there, but it's easy to like something when it's free. What does my book need? Revision. Reworking.... Continue Reading →


MIKE SAT THE final box on the ground. Everything was out of the basement. "This is it, babe." He wiped his forehead and took a long drink of his warming beer. "Anything you want to keep? It's now or never." Maddy ran her hands over the bassinet's safety rail. After holding three babies, it was... Continue Reading →


I'M GOING THROUGH a phase. I have a need to write ghost stories.  I have no idea why. At heart, I'm a romantic suspense writer. I like a good HEA. (That's happily ever after for non-romance writers). The thing is, I don't particularly like ghost stories. Why? Lots of reasons. I have a tendency to... Continue Reading →


MY FAVORITE STEPHEN King book used to be The Talisman.  When I would tell people that, I would always get this skeptical look often followed by a bit of a sneer. Something like that, but somehow worse. Them: "You know that's not his best work, right?"Me: "Uh huh."Them: (Stifling a Scornful Laugh) "If you know that,... Continue Reading →

More Bikes

Durham has purchased bikes for people to share. I have some questions. Like, who pays for damages? Do you have to return it where you got it from? Can you throw it on the ground and walk away? Do you have to lock it up? Can you leave it beside a fence? And who picks... Continue Reading →


Writers should provoke disagreement. - V.S. Naipaul   Photo by Dave Surber on Unsplash Daily Prompt - Provoke  

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