Three Things Challenge

My first three things challenge! *stretches arms, cracks neck, pops knuckles* Alright, then. Let's do this. snowflake | heater | fingernail ONCE UPON A time, there was a small village in the middle of a large country. Some called it pastoral. Others called it bucolic. The people who lived there called it home. Summers were... Continue Reading →

Ice Storm

Ice Storm - 2015 What you don't see is that the sidewalks are covered with ice, and I was balancing myself as best I could while I took pictures in the cold, dark night. I don't know how I didn't break a hip.   Cee's Fun Foto Challenge - Sunset to Sunrise

My World Right Now

1. What did you or did not like about the first place you lived without your parents? I loved the silence. My place, my space, my environment, my ideas, my aesthetic. All this freedom was such a rush.     2. What is your most favorite smell/scent? Lavender.   3. Would you prefer snowy winters, or not,... Continue Reading →

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