Some days you should turn off your phone and go to the beach.

When quirky college student and trust fund brat Siobhan McIver learns that she’s no longer a trust fund brat, she decides to investigate…and inadvertently stumbles on a dark secret within her family’s multinational law firm. Unable to ignore it, she decides to do the right thing and is rewarded by getting blackballed by her family. After all, there’s right, there’s wrong, and there’s the practice of law.

Fortunately, her much older boyfriend – lawyer and accused mob boss Alexander Cosetino – is there to pick up the pieces. In a blink, Siobhan is living with Alex in his New York City townhouse, wearing a honking Van Clef and Arpel vintage diamond engagement ring, and touring the charity circuit with her soon-to-be sisters-in-law. It’s every girl’s dream? Right?

Except Siobhan’s not one who likes to be told what to do. Plus, she’s kind of crushing on this smart ass FBI agent who may or may not be using her to advance his own career. And then there’s Alex himself. Why is he wanting to get married so badly? And why is everyone pushing her to say yes?

Siobhan may be stuck, but she’s hardly trapped. Sometimes the way out is up.

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FlyGirl Alone 2



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