A Book I’ve Read More Than Three Times

Ah, Halloween. Time for the spooky, the unnatural, the weirdly disturbing. For me, it's just another Wednesday. So I mentioned a few weeks ago that I would do the 30 Day Book Challenge thing. Because I'm me, and I don't do things in order, I'm starting with Day Two: A Book I've Read More Than … Continue reading A Book I’ve Read More Than Three Times


THE OLD WOMAN sniffed, then nodded smugly. "Ah. You’re on a quest." "A Fairy Tale princess on a quest?" the second asked, blinking her empty eye sockets futilely. "That's...rare. Isn't it the princes who quest?" "It is unusual," the first woman conceded. "Girl. Why do you quest?" "I'm not questing," Violet replied. "I'm visiting my … Continue reading Warning

I’m Featured!! Wheeee!!!

Check it out! The absolutely awesome Kristin Jacques has included me in her 31 Days of Author Madness! http://www.kristinjacques.com/2018/03/08/31-days-of-author-madness-liz-charnes/ Thanks, Kristin! And if you want to know more about Kristin... who happens to be one of my favorite indie writers and is rumored to be the mother of gremlins... check out her website at http://www.kristinjacques.com/ and … Continue reading I’m Featured!! Wheeee!!!