Lots of lines here. Downtown Durham, North Carolina. The Daily Post Photo Challenge: Lines: April 25, 2018

More Bikes

Durham has purchased bikes for people to share. I have some questions. Like, who pays for damages? Do you have to return it where you got it from? Can you throw it on the ground and walk away? Do you have to lock it up? Can you leave it beside a fence? And who picks … Continue reading More Bikes

Sunday in Durham

Yesterday was a beautiful day. The sky was so blue that it freaked out the clouds and made them run away. I walked around Durham and grabbed some shots before meeting some friends for lunch.


Downtown Durham, North Carolina I love Downtown Durham. It's got character up the wazoo. From the food trucks... holy moly, the food trucks... to the brick buildings, to the Tobacco Campus... Durham is a magical city. Cee’s Which Way Challenge - February 23, 2018