After Work

  JANE TOUCHED HER neck, checking her pulse. Third time around the lake, and she was keeping steady at 98 bpm. How frustrating.  "Push it, girl," she muttered out loud. "You want a skinny ass? Push it. Push it, dammit!" It didn't work. She didn't feel like pushing it, whether she should or not. Maintaining... Continue Reading →

Ça, c’est très français.

THE WAITER CAME over the moment she sat down. "Bonsoir, madamoiselle." He assisted with her chair and napkin. "Voulez-vous boire quelque chose?" She wished he could give her a minute to settle. It took courage for a single young woman to eat out alone in Paris. "Oui... une tasse d'eau, si'l vous plait, san gas."... Continue Reading →

Mysterious Me

The lovely and beguiling RayNotBradbury has a new challenge out this week. I found ‘Mysterious Me’ to be the most compelling. You woke up on the street with the lost memory (amnesia). What would you do? _____ * _____ * _____ * _____ * _____ MY HEAD HURTS. It's a dull, pounding kind of pain. I touch... Continue Reading →

Bigfoot: A Romance

I'D SEEN SOME messed up people in my time, but nothing like the woman curled up in the corner of the interview room. She was covered with dirt and her hair looked like a bird's nest... no, wait, that was a bird's nest in her hair... her arms were wrapped around her knees as she... Continue Reading →

Letting Go

FUNNY HOW SOME men shut down when it's time to step up. "Greg, do you have the insurance papers?" Suzanne stuck her head in the living room. "Greg? Greg, are you listening?" He stood frozen in front of the picture window. "I'll take that as a no." She ran upstairs to the study and shoved... Continue Reading →


"THEY'RE VERY HIGH." The woman looks at the shoe's heel, unable to hide her delight. "Very high." Considering she's not the one who's buying them, it doesn't matter what she thinks. Still, he has to play the game. "Would you like to try the other?" he asks, offering her the shoe's mate. It's an expensive... Continue Reading →

On the Train

"I WIN AGAIN!" Ruby pushed her hair off her face and yawned. Exhaustion ringed her eyes in dark circles. "You suck at this, Micah." "I do." Micah hid a smile. He had to let her win; if he didn't, she'd throw a fit. It was hard enough travelling unaccompanied, harder still when escorting a petulant... Continue Reading →

50 Word Thursday

"OH MY GOD, this book is so dark!" The woman - Anna, Audrey, April, whatever her name is - rolls over and pokes me. "Listen... if I’d stopped to think I might not have done it, but fury is a great disregarder of caution." She snorts. "Is disregarder even a word?" I ignore her as... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction #1

IT WAS TIME to go. "Maggie!" Hank yelled from the parking lot, his voice loud enough to force a flock of seagulls back to the sky. "Let's go. Now." Maggie pretended not to hear. It had been too long since she'd been to the ocean. She'd leave when she was ready. "Maggie! Don't make me... Continue Reading →

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