Umbra Regem and the Librarian

Collection development tips for handling haunted donated books.

We Are All Stardust: Part 5

THAT NIGHT I picked up some¬†pizza on the way home. Good thing I did, too, because there was no dinner. I came home to find Gwen wandering through the house, chanting, and waving a bunch of incense around. "Gwenny? Baby? Whatcha doing?" I sat the pizza down and turned on the oven. "Just to let... Continue Reading →

We Are All Stardust: Part 3

I CAUGHT UP with Ezekiel Erikson in the student commons. He was a good looking black kid sitting alone in a corner booth, his head buried in a book. When I got closer, I could see the title. C.S. Lewis, The Problem of Pain. "Are you Ezekiel Erikson?" I asked, even though I knew he... Continue Reading →

Who’s Bike is That?

"WHO'S BIKE IS that out front?" Amelia stifled a yawn and wandered over to the window. "What was that?" "That bike. Right there." Her coworker Molly pointed at an abandoned bike. "See it? Lying there in the middle the sidewalk." Molly had the strongest Long Island accent. Before she came to work here, Amelia thought... Continue Reading →

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