We Are All Stardust: Part 8

WE WEREN'T DONE yet. There was still the matter of Naia Khan. Naia was on the run. Chicago police picked her up at O'Hare airport, where she was about to board a British Airways flight to London. She was running. Interesting. Innocent people don't run. I went to Chicago with Detective Sidran to pick her... Continue Reading →

We Are All Stardust: Part 7

FATIMA'S BODY WAS found at 4:28 pm. She had been stuffed into a trunk and buried less than two feet under the patio. It was a nice trunk. Probably a little too nice. It was so nice that it kept out water and air. This meant Fatima's body hadn't decomposed the way it would have if... Continue Reading →

We Are All Stardust: Part 6

THE NEXT MORNING I scoured the bathroom for any signs of Fatima's murder. Not that I thought there would be. Three years and another family between then and now meant the bathroom's been cleaned a time or two. Still, you never know. Little things can get overlooked. I could get lucky. I wasn't. When my... Continue Reading →

We Are All Stardust: Part 5

THAT NIGHT I picked up some pizza on the way home. Good thing I did, too, because there was no dinner. I came home to find Gwen wandering through the house, chanting, and waving a bunch of incense around. "Gwenny? Baby? Whatcha doing?" I sat the pizza down and turned on the oven. "Just to let... Continue Reading →

We Are All Stardust: Part 4

I STOPPED BY Starbucks on the way back to the office, my mind on Ezekiel and our conversation. Nearly three years, and he was still hung up on her? That must have been some love. Not that I didn't understand. If Gwen ever left me, I'd lose it, too. As I pulled out of the... Continue Reading →

We Are All Stardust: Part 3

I CAUGHT UP with Ezekiel Erikson in the student commons. He was a good looking black kid sitting alone in a corner booth, his head buried in a book. When I got closer, I could see the title. C.S. Lewis, The Problem of Pain. "Are you Ezekiel Erikson?" I asked, even though I knew he... Continue Reading →

We Are All Stardust : Part 2

NINETY DAYS LATER, Gwen and I moved into our brand new home. On the one hand, it was great to finally have a place where I didn't have to share a wall with strangers. On the other hand, the vibe I felt when we first saw the house was significantly stronger. Not that Gwen noticed... Continue Reading →

We Are All Stardust: Part 1

THERE IT WAS. The perfect house. I scrolled through the photographs on Zillow once, twice, three times. Four bedrooms, three baths, in a great school district, and priced within our budget. It was perfect. I texted my wife. Found one. Let's go see it this afternoon. She emojiied a thumbs up. I called the realtor,... Continue Reading →

We Are All Stardust

Author's Note Okay, so I may have mentioned that sometimes I really get into a book. Well, it happened again. I read Soul Tracing: Taboo for a romance book club recently, and boy, did it upset me. I have this thing where I need the books I read to end on a good note. Happy.... Continue Reading →

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