The Lost I-Land: A Review

Do algorithms troll? Is the I-Land supposed to be a remake of Lost? Why does Kate from Blue Crush wear a buttoned up shirt on a beach? So many questions.


Okay, so I'm writing this post about Cliffhangers because I hate them. I get it. They're a tried and true plot devise to keep people coming back and whatever. If you're trying to build interest in a new series, or gain readers, cliffhangers are a way to do it. I have even been known to... Continue Reading →

Three Things

In honor of Friday 13th... and the awesome Three Things Challenge, here's a story. _____ * _____ * _____ * _____ * _____ BECKSHIRE HOUSE HAS since been destroyed, but its legend as one of the most haunted houses in America endures. One of the only people to survive a night in the house, Edward... Continue Reading →


MAGGIE, THE OSTENSIBLE leader of the Compassion Heart sorority, clapped her hands in a futile attempt to quiet the room. "Ladies! Ladies... let's get started. Please? Ladies!" Her exhortations went ignored; if anything, the room grew louder. Kate frowned and glanced at her phone. If this meeting didn't get started soon, she'd lose her reservation.... Continue Reading →


Veronica walked into the room carrying a stack of dresses. "What do you think? Anything worth bedizening?" Betty stared at her, then marched over to the bookcase and pulled down the latest edition of Merriam-Webster's Unabridged English Dictionary. "Bedizening? Omigod. Who says bedizening? I can't... I can't even. Bedizening. Bed. I. Zen. Ing. Whatever. What...... Continue Reading →


EDDIE WATCHED HIS stepfather struggle with lighting the model rocket's ignition. "Come on... come on... stupid thing." His stepfather looked over at him, an embarrassed grin on his face. "Stupid wick, right?" Eddie refrained from rolling his eyes. This was supposed to be a bonding experience. His mother wanted them to get along. Besides, his... Continue Reading →

A little FanFic

Every now and then I read a book, and I'm like, no, no, no. You missed it, author. It may seem like a criticism, but it's actually a compliment. It only happens for those books I like enough to get really into the story. Today's no, no no belongs to Holly Black's The Cruel Prince.... Continue Reading →

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