What if life is only the elaborate dream of sleeping monsters? Daily Prompt - Elaborate  


HOW MUCH LONGER was this going to last? Rosalyn bent her knees and winced at the loud pop they made. One of the ladies-in-waiting shot her a dirty look. Rosalyn glared back. Ladies-in-waiting always think they're better than. Whatever.  "And lo, we bestow unto you, the title Regent of the Forest, Keeper of All That … Continue reading Bestow


WordPress has interrupted my evening routine to tell me that there are 100 people out there who are interested in what I have to say! Thank you, guys!   Cupcakes and punch on me!      


I'M GOING THROUGH a phase. I have a need to write ghost stories.  I have no idea why. At heart, I'm a romantic suspense writer. I like a good HEA. (That's happily ever after for non-romance writers). The thing is, I don't particularly like ghost stories. Why? Lots of reasons. I have a tendency to … Continue reading Haunted


MY FAVORITE STEPHEN King book used to be The Talisman.  When I would tell people that, I would always get this skeptical look often followed by a bit of a sneer. Something like that, but somehow worse. Them: "You know that's not his best work, right?"Me: "Uh huh."Them: (Stifling a Scornful Laugh) "If you know that, … Continue reading Talisman