A Creepy Feeling

Three Line Tales - A short story told in three sentences.

It’s Tuesday.

Awards, schmards. I'm not into them. But what I am into is weird questions I wouldn't normally be asked on a Tuesday.  So thank you to the lovely and talented Matthew Estes for nominating me for the Normal Happenings Super Specific Sunshine Award. To win, I'm supposed answer the questions below. I don't really care about... Continue Reading →


HOW MUCH LONGER was this going to last? Rosalyn bent her knees and winced at the loud pop they made. One of the ladies-in-waiting shot her a dirty look. Rosalyn glared back. Ladies-in-waiting always think they're better than. Whatever.  "And lo, we bestow unto you, the title Regent of the Forest, Keeper of All That... Continue Reading →

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