Hi. I’m Liz.

I like gangsters, gun molls, street smart detectives, and the gritty city. I’m also into Fairy Tales and supernatural tales of suspense. I blame this Halloween record I heard when I was a kid about a girl who wore a black velvet ribbon she wore as neckband to keep her head on her neck. Creepy AF. I still have a fear of black velvet ribbons.

Sidebar: Check out Dreadful Dreary: The Velvet Ribbon for an interesting discussing on the origins of this horrific children’s story.

I Capitalize words for No apparent reason. I take a picture every now and then. I like reading. I believe that time management is a fiction. I want to be one of those people that make bullet journals, but my handwriting is horrible. I think I’ve forgotten how to write cursive.

Other things… I’m a minimalist. My attic needs organizing. I panic whenever I’m asked about my favorite book. Movies are fun. I have this weird daydream where I’m walking on the High Line, and I pass Adam Driver, and we nod and say hi to each other. That’s it. Nothing more. My daydreams are pretty simple.

I can be random. I aspire to be a basic B.

Here is my dog. Her name is Carla. She does not have a shoe. If you think you see a shoe, you are mistaken, and you owe her an apology.


I’ve taken up knitting.

Updating is hard.