Picture Taker | Storyteller | Librarian

I TAKE PICTURES, but I’m not a photographer. Photographers know what they’re doing. I’m more of a hit/miss kind of girl.

I also write stories. I like gangsters, gun molls, street smart detectives, and the gritty city. I’m also into Fairy Tales and the supernatural. I Capitalize words for No apparent reason.

Other Things… I’m a minimalist, but I have a lot of stuff. Life confuses me. Every time someone asks me what my favorite book is, I panic. Movies are fun. I’m crushing on Chris Hemsworth. I have a secret desire to play chess with Mads Mikkelsen. What’s weird about that is I don’t play chess. I can be random. I aspire to be a basic B.

Here’s a picture of my dogs. Ignore the bed.


Here’s another picture. There is no shoe. If you think you see a shoe, you are mistaken, and you owe her an apology.


I make book covers from time to time.

I update occasionally, although I’m trying to be better. #goals.

Image of girl holding sparkler by Morgan Sessions on Unsplash



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