Need a Distraction?

So do I.

Welcome! I’m updating, so themes may vary. Right now, I’m cleaning up old content, adding new content I had posted on other sites, and maybe writing a blog post or two every now and then.

My work is mainy about mobsters, ghosts, flight attendants, and lawyers. I try to have a sense of humor about it. All my stories are unedited and unspellchecked. If you’re a line editor, this might drive you crazy. Everyone else, pour yourself some coffee and pull up a chair.

Boarding will commence momentarily.

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Latest Posts

How to Plot: What I’ve Learned So Far

Writer’s block is a thing. I’ve been I know this because I’ve been suffering from it for a couple of years now. If I can force myself to write, I sit down in front of my laptop, and… nothing. Absolutely nothing. Or worse, it’s a lot of words of nothing. I try not to think…

Kevin! It’s an AMAZING offer

Like pretty much everyone, I have had a rough 2020. 2021 isn’t proving to be much easier, but it’s still early. Things could get better. Anyhoo, these days, I have to take my amusement where I can get it, and where I can find it right now is in the spam texts I have been…

The Lost I-Land: A Review

Do algorithms troll? Is the I-Land supposed to be a remake of Lost? Why does Kate from Blue Crush wear a buttoned up shirt on a beach? So many questions.


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